To Make a Velcro Removable Teal Bed Skirt

Oct 25th

Making your own teal bed skirt is a very simple project. And if you use a little bit of ingenuity in the form of some Velcro bands, you can save time, energy and substance in the process. The inside may seem a bit like cheating and on some ways are. But the results are amazing and nobody will know the difference. What you need? Measuring tape or tape, scissors, sewing machine, fabric and Velcro. How to do? First, measure the full length and width of both sides of your bed. If you want to lay down, decide how many you want.

And add 1 to 2 inches per leg to your goals. Add one inch to account for the seams. This amount will be the length of the material you need for your teal bed skirt. Second, measure the amount of space between the top of your box spring and the floor. Then pull a few inches (depending on how long you want to skirt to be) to keep the fabric from striking the floor. This amount will be the width of your bed skirt. Third, choose your fabric. The beauty of a do-it-yourself project is the wide range of design, color and pattern choices.

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Choose your favorite and make sure you bring your measurements with you to the store, so you buy enough. Fourth, fold ½ inch of fabric on both sides of the long edge. Make a long, straight curl and sew the seam using your sewing machine. Fifth, stick the fuzzy side of the Velcro strap to the top of the hired skirt. And then hooked side to the tops of the box spring around the entire bed. Sixth, by simply connecting the two Velcro strips, attach the finished teal bed skirt to the bed. Tips and warnings: Write down your measurements as you go to save time and frustration.

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Buy a little extra fabric just in case your measurements were not accurate or you change the size or amount of put. It is better to have more than you need than not enough. For a simple, modern look, use sturdy fabrics in a solid, neutral color, and drop. Use high quality strong Velcro tape to prevent the teal bed skirt from falling off. Especially if you use heavy fabric. Use teal, blue or brown colors for an ocean theme, but emphasize a bright green, pink stick and sage garden theme.Velcro bed skirts,

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