Some Tips Making Daybed Skirt

Oct 1st

A measured skirt or daybed skirt adds a finished look to a bedroom. The bed skirt can be made of fabric that is coordinated with a quilt, a quilt, covers, or curtains, or it can be made of a neutral fabric. Bed edges are not difficult to make, but the secret to success is inaccurate measurement. According to Mad Aspen Home “, bed edges are used to cover the spring box, bed frame and under bed space, as well as decoratively to complete the bed.” Sewing a dust flier for a sofa bed is not as difficult as it may seem. It is necessary to remove the mattress from the bed and measure and sew. Remove the mattress. Measure the length of the box springs with your tape measure.

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Record the measurement daybed skirt fabric. Double this measure and write it down. Measure the width of the box springs with your tape measure. Record the measurement. Double this measure and write it down. Measure the “fall” of the spring from the box. This is the height from the ground to the upper edge of the springs. Write this measurement and add two inches. If the spring/bed frame is in bands, measure the floor. You want to hide the bands. The following measurements of a bed are for beds according to furniture in line: Double (United States) 39 “— 75”, double (United Kingdom) 36 “— 75”. Measure your box spring, to be exact. Cut a rectangle for measurements from the top of the box spring (length by width).

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This is the basis. Cut a rectangle for measurements of the fall measurement width multiplied by the double length of the box springs (dust flywheel). Cut two rectangles to the size of the drop measuring width by double the width of the box spring length (dust and foot flywheel). Multiply the length by two. Hem, with a seam margin of one inch, three edges on the side of the hive, leaving the upper daybed skirt ideas edge of length without a hem. A hem of the three edges of both the head of the hive and the foot, also leaving an edge without the top.

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The edges are hem/bottom hem and slots where the steering wheel touches the legs of the bed. Gather the raw edges of the three ruffles daybed skirt lace (side, head, and feet) to the measurements of the fabric base (large rectangle). Place the base on top of the spring box. Place the flywheel, with the right side of the fabric touching the right side of the fabric of the base. Pin the cups gathered to the edges of the base: head, feet, side. The steering wheel looks “upside down”.