Duvet Cover Red: Be Careful To Apply It!

Oct 16th

Are you thinking about decorating your room in red? Decorating in duvet cover red can be a great idea. If you do well, you will achieve a decoration of most modern and fashionable. But if you do it wrong, you could end up in a great disaster. Luckily for you, here are some ideas for decorating rooms in red. If you pay attention, surely you can enjoy room you dream. Decoration of rooms in red as I expressed above, is not very simple, because red has special connotations and is not a color for any space. That is why, when painting walls of red (or a paper stamped with too red), we must be careful and apply it in a strategic way, so as to achieve a cozy space that does not generate tension.

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Easiest way to do this is to paint wall at head of bed red, as this will not generate tension when we lie down in bed. A very prominent trend in modern style is to combine red with shades of gray, white and black. This palette looks great, especially in rooms with a modern design. If you want to decorate your room in duvet cover red , try that base of palette are white and gray tones and highlights one of walls in red, placing some details also in this color. You can add other decorations and decorative details in black, if you wish, but be careful with amount of black you apply, because combined with red, it generates a lot of drama.

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As I mentioned earlier, decorating a room in red and black, will provide great drama and lots of tension. If you want to decorate room to achieve a relaxing place, this combination is not recommended, but if you are looking to generate drama and have avant-garde decoration, this combination may be a suitable choice. Also use curtains with these colors, it will give a fabulous touch. Put some details in white to be able to break these two colors so intense, with this combination, decoration of your bedroom will look very dramatic.

Red is a color with great intensity, so you will always stand out no matter how or where you put it. This is why we can afford to decorate rooms in red without need to change color of walls, placing elements with this color and decorate with them. Inside room you can use carpets, cushions, sheets, seats and even a red quilting. In this simple way, if you get bored of duvet cover red decoration of your room, it will be much easier to change it.

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