Duvet Cover Floral: Looks So Pretty In Our Home

Oct 14th

Duvet cover floral – We continually see pictures of incredible beds in magazines, advertisements, catalogs … But we did not consider copying these examples for our beds, why? These compositions have been designed by great professionals for you and you just have to copy them. I can understand that for day to day it can be a little cumbersome to remove and place so many cushions – although I do it every day and I assure you that it does not cost as much – but if you have your house for sale you have to do it because there is a lot of difference to see a bare bed in a magazine bed

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The arrival of good weather makes us want to spend more time outdoors and feel closer to nature. One of the strengths of that feeling of freshness is the flowers and therefore, we will give some tricks so that you can transfer that feeling to the bedroom of your house. Thus, duvet cover floral print, forge headboards with flowers or wallpapers will become the main protagonists. First of all we will start by the walls where you can choose two techniques. On the one hand, if the print is going to be present in bedding, curtains or carpets, it is best to paint the walls in plain colors that go with the tonalities of the print to avoid saturating the environment.

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On the other hand, if the attention you want to focus on the walls you can choose some vinyl or wallpaper in which the flowers are included. Finally, if you are good at painting, you can do them yourself by painting the pencil in the wall first in case there is an error and then painting them. As for duvet cover floral themes, the same thing happens with the walls. If the rest of the elements of the decoration already have floral elements, we will opt for plain colors. However if we want to make our bed is the protagonist we will choose drawings with flowers.

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Also keep in mind that the bigger the pattern and more strong colors, the more attention will be drawn. Also, another of the points of our bedroom in which we can use the flowers is the curtains. Depending on the texture of the fabric and the tonalities will let more or less clarity happen so we can choose them to our liking. Also, if the pattern we like is too transparent but we want to have more darkness at some point in the day we can superimpose several curtains with more dense ones.