Create Your Bed Sheet Linen

Nov 9th

Making your own bed sheet linen gives you the flexibility to design a bedroom the way you want, without worrying about whether the bedding matches the decor. King size beds are available in two different sizes: Standard (Eastern King) and California (Western King). The standard king is a bit wider, and the California king is a bit longer. Sometimes find exactly what you want in one size or the other can be difficult.


Wash all fabrics at the temperature at which you want to be able to wash bedding regularly. Confirm the length, width and depth of your king size bed. Place the fabric for the bed sheet linen right side down on a flat surface. Cut the cover with the measurements you took from the bed. Add the measurement length to double depth measurement, plus eight inches. Measure the total on the fabric and cut a straight line across the fabric. Add the width measurement to double depth measurement, plus eight inches. Measure a total over the width of the fabric. Cut a straight line down the length of the fabric.

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Add seven and a half inches to depth measurement. At each corner, measure this overall over the length and width. Select each point. Measure at each mark the same distance to form a square. Cut the square out of the fabric. Sew the corners. Fold the edges of the edge to the right. Sew a seam at half inch. Press the seam open. Zigzag or sew the seamstress Fold the edge of the bed sheet linen over half an inch, off. Fold the edge another half inch. Fold all the way around the sheet. Press it flat.

Measure eight inches in length and width from each corner seam. At eight inches, remove the stitches from the hem for about an inch. Fold the end of the elastic over and pin it on the safety pin. Use the safety pin to pull the elastic from one opening to the other that goes around the corner of the bed sheet linen and drag to create a joint. Pin the loose end of the elastic opening to prevent it from pulling through. Sew the hem back in place with elastic knitting of the openings. Trim elastic.

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Flat Sheet

Lay the fabric right side down on a flat surface. Action 108 inches of fabric length. Mark and cut the fabric in a straight line. Fold the bottom of the sheet over half an inch, off the hook. Fold the edge another half inch. Fold all the way around the sheet. Press it flat. Fold the sheet over four and a half inches straight to the right. Turn a half inch according to this tab. Top are all the way over. If you want, tie or trim on top of the hem or make pipes in the hem as your top stitches.

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